For the year 2022, COVID-19 restrictions are relaxing quite a bit (thus far), but we will still be keeping in place some of the changes we made in 2020 so that participants can enjoy a race that is as safe as possible.  As such, we will be encouraging all participants to practice physical distancing.  Here are some of the specific actions that are being taken for this year’s races:

  • All participants will be provided with an area along the route at which they can set up a table for their own hydration and food needs throughout their race. Each runner’s support area will be well-separated from other support areas.
  • Participants will be encouraged to keep 2 m. distance from other runners both at the start and during the races to the greatest extent possible, such as when overtaking another runner.
  • Medal presentations will occur in a COVID-19 responsible manner.

If you can think of other actions that we can take that would improve the safety of this race, please email us at ThatDamHill{AT}  All suggestions will receive due consideration by the organizing committee.