Frequently Asked Questions


Q – Will there be refunds if the race is cancelled due to COVID-19?

A – If the races cannot be run due to COVID-19 restrictions put in place by August 15, 2023, 100% of registration fees will be returned. If COVID-19 restrictions are put in place after August 15 2023 and before race day that force a cancellation of the race, a percentage (to be determined) of the registration fees will be returned, after non-recoupable costs for organizing the race are calculated.

Q – What is your cancellation policy?

A – Other than the COVID-19-related cancellation described above, all fees (either partial or in full) are non-refundable, and your entry is non-deferrable and non-transferable to another participant.  When you sign up, you will be given an option to purchase cancellation insurance for $9. If you purchase this insurance and then subsequently choose not to run the race for any reason, you will be given a full refund of your entry fee as long as you let us know by the end of the day on Wednesday September 13, 2023.

Q – Can I qualify for Boston at the That Dam Hill?

A – Yes That Dam Hill is a certified marathon course and is registered as a Boston qualifier.

Q – How many loops do I need to complete, for the marathon distance of 42.2km (26.2miles)?

A – For a certified marathon time, you must complete the initial partial loop, plus an additional 18 full loops of the course (see course map for more information).

Q – How do I know how far I have run?

A – At the Start/Finish line there will be a large TV screen that will display how many loops and the distance you’ve completed to that point. The official time clock will also be visible so you can see how long you’ve been running. That said, each runner is ultimately responsible for knowing how many loops they’ve done.  Sometimes the timing system misses a lap so you need your own system for counting laps.  Do not count on your GPS, which are notoriously inaccurate over very long distances.

Q – How does a timed race work?

A – In a timed race everyone runs for the same amount of time. The person who ran the farthest in the allotted race time is the winner.

Q – Can I continue running even after my timed race is over so I can reach my goal distance?

A – Yes, the course will be open for 24hrs and you can continue running until you reach either your goal or the course closes. If you intend to run longer than the distance for which you’ve registered, let the timing crew know and we will continue recording your time and the distance you’ve completed until you let us know that you have finished.

Q – Can I use my own water bottle?

A – Yes you can. We even encourage it. The aid station will be happy to re-fill your bottle each time you pass through. Please clearly mark your own bottle.

Q – Can I use my own support crew?

A – Yes, the course is very support crew friendly.

Q – Can I leave my own food on the aid table?

A – Yes but we can not 100% guarantee another participant will not help themselves.

Q – Will the aid station support special needs?

A – The volunteers do their best to support each racer and their special requests but they are there for everyone and do not always have the time for specialized service.

Q – How is the winner determined in a timed race, does the final partial loop count?

A – Distance and placement will be based on the amount of completed loops in the least amount of time. In the event of a tie, the time will determine the place.

Q – If I register for a timed race and can run for only an hour will I still get a medal?

A – Yes, everyone who starts a timed race and completes at least one loop will receive a medal.