That Dam Hill has teamed up with two charities this year.  Learn more about each of these charities below, and click on the link to donate to both of these worthwhile causes.

Indwell – Hope & Homes for All

Indwell is a charitable organization that builds affordable housing communities that support people seeking health, wellness, and belonging. For 45 years, Indwell has provided hope and homes to some of the most marginalized members of our society: those who live with mental illness, physical disabilities, and addictions. Our robust team of professionals provides supports for our tenants and helps create a community that allows for natural supports to evolve. We have over 600 tenants living in London, Hamilton, Woodstock, and Simcoe.

Participants in That Dam Hill will support the construction of Indwell’s newest building in London – a 72-unit apartment at 744 Dundas, which will begin construction this summer. Woodfield Gate, Indwell’s first community at 356 Dundas, offers 67 one-bedroom apartments. Our building at 744 Dundas will be home to a regional office to support additional growth in London and southwest Ontario. The building will also have two commercial units and a restaurant, contributing to the vibrant commercial corridor in Old East Village.


Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

By providing support, education, information and research funding, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has been making a difference in the lives of the over 55,000 Canadians currently living with a brain tumour and thousands more before them.

Since 1985, more than $7.6 million in direct funding to research has been raised, spread among 256 projects and initiatives.

Research funded by Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has helped improve the accuracy of radiation treatments, shorten treatment regimen times, limit side effects from chemo, and improve quality of life for patients after surgery. They are the sole funder of the Brain Tumour Tissue Bank, providing free samples to clinical researchers around the world to further the search for a cure.

Over the years, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada developed a nation-wide support network that has grown to include both in-person and online groups. They have taken support directly into the home with the publication of four handbooks – one each for adult, pediatric, and non-malignant brain tumours, as well as a handbook specifically for caregivers published in 2019.

Supporting the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is Dunn with Cancer, below:

Dunn With Cancer logo
Dunn with Cancer

No 33 year-old mother of 3 should be diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, as has Allison Dunn. A husband should not become a widower while others his age are planning weddings. Three children, the youngest who is 1, shouldn’t have to grow up not knowing their mother.

“Together, we can beat cancer and prevent other families from this same fate. This is why I am asking for all of your support in helping to raise money for brain cancer research as I run the That Dam Hill 24 hour ultra-marathon.

“Why a marathon? Back to our shared passion of running, Allison and I always planned on running her first marathon side-by-side. We mentioned this first as a pipe-dream back in high school, but have since run races together and, during marathons that I have completed, Allison has always been the loudest member of my cheering section. After these races, we talked in length about the future marathon that we planned to complete together.

“So, while she won’t physically be with me at the finish line, Allison will be running every step of the way in spirit. Finally, this is the marathon that we will get our chance to run together.

“So join us in supporting Allison and let’s work together to raise money for brain cancer research.”