That Dam Hill: Just one more sleep!

Just one more sleep until That Dam Hill (assuming there aren’t a ton of night owls out there who get this late Thursday night).

We’ve dodged a bit of a bullet by virtue of the province not clamping down on outdoor gatherings in the Middlesex-London Health Unit area, so (as of now) things are full steam ahead!

Here are a couple of web addresses you may want to hold onto:

– Our September 12 email talking about COVID-19 Protocols, Parking, Relay Teams:

– URL for COVID-19 Waiver that you may want to print and sign to make your race kit pickup a bit faster: If you don’t print it out, we’ll have hard copies at the race kit pickup that you can sign.

– URL that shows your bib number. Please verify that the info we have is correct (name, age, etc.): By default, this list is in bib number order, but you can re-sort by name by clicking on the column heading. You can also do a quick search for your name by doing a search with CTRL-F. Things may be a bit faster at race kit pick-up if you know your bib number. NOTE that relay teams will be found under their team name: All’s Swell at Indwell, Canada Life Home Builders, Geezer Guys and Gals, Hikers for Homes.

– URL for live results on race day (we are pretty sure):


As per the map to which we referred in the last email (, you’ll be able to set up your support station on the OUTSIDE of the track on race morning. We’re reserving the east and south-east portion of the course for support stations for the 24 hour racers. We’ll post wooden stakes along the route to denote an appropriately-distanced support station location. When you register on Friday, you can write your name/bib number on one of those stakes to reserve it so that you know where you’ll be setting up on Saturday morning.

Please do not set up a table on the inside of the track. That said, if you have a volunteer that is supporting you, they may stand at the inside of the track to hand you water/Gatorade as long as you don’t stop and chat. Particularly in the marathon, we have a bunch of folks who are going for Boston Qualifier times and/or Personal Best times, so we want to keep the inside of the track clear.

Once the Half Marathon, Marathon and 6 hour races are complete, there will be tons of premium spots available for those doing the 5K and 12-hour races.


On that note, if you decide to take a walk break during your run, please do your best to stay off the shortest route around the track — so move off to the grass or to the outside of the track — in order to allow other participants to have the shortest route possible to complete their laps. I’m sure they’d prefer to run just 42.2 km rather than 42.7 km!


Make sure you are at the race starting points well ahead of time. We will be starting the races at 8 AM, 3 PM (5K) and 8 PM (12-hour) SHARP. The timed races will start at the stone cottage, but the Marathon will start beyond the west washrooms — 500 m. to the west. And the Half will start half way around the course in the valley — a good 15 minute walk. We won’t be waiting for you, so make sure you are at your start line on time.

That is all for now.

Good luck on Saturday/Sunday and have a wonderful (and safe) race experience!


Leo DeSumma (519-870-1834)
Dave LaDouceur (519-280-5316)
Bruce Lamb, Timer